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The best way to start, is to talk to your children from conception. It is their mother that holds the gate to the child, the male simply holds the “seed”. when egg and sperm combine, according to modern microscopes, a connection between genes occur. this is the basis of evolution.

After the woman gets pregnant, she is not to have intense orgasms or painful sex. Abstinence and knowledge are the only deeds and virtues that can save Her from the Creator, for He is a jealous God. For when egg and sperm collide, He uses his power. The child is His, He is the womb.

Low stress and heavy reading are required for the optimal child. Religious texts nurture the “religious” side of the infant. If miscarriage occurs, I do not know, for I have heard some women deal with insanity. Medicine and science are remedying this without the help of religion, the most powerful psychology known to Man.

From conception to last day, you must talk to them like a normal person. No baby talk. No lies. Do not strike them. Do not abuse them. Do not steal (edit: from) them. They are the First Seal of the Lamb, for when the Seventh Seal is broken, Death will ride again, in this yuga of Kali where our teachers are murdered, why not abstain from the Creator? Is He so divine he is a jealous god?

You must be involved in their life. Use your family. Use jonists texts. Write your own books. Use magick. Ask a real rabbi to teach you how to lie (ONLY APPLICABLE IN ISREAL/ROME/USA).

Remember, deeds are rewarded by Man. Virtues, are rewarded by The Gods.


science: cleanliness

author: unidef

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most of societies problems comes from germs. we luckily invented bleach, but it made contact with so many people and things, it gave us brain damage. our most vulnerable are the women who wash our clothes, and children. organic diseases are dynamic, but synthetic chemicals are rather static; they dont leaniate towards organism due to their refinement process and nature.

the best way to remedy this is gloves and constant washing of surfaces and organisms. animals are the worst since people touch them and touch doorknobs and surfaces, effecitively giving them mild infections which could lead to delirium.

the causation of germs happens to be, my belief, of exteresterial inhabitance, either galitcally or domestically; possibly invasively, which led to a chain reaction in the enviroments inhabitants which, believe it or not, led to these mutant small organisms that replicate prohibitially due to life and death. you can talk to them and they react, but they are relatively simple due to the multimatricification of quantum particle density throughout planes, states, and the theory and disillusion of relative time.

my conclusion is that science is flawed, and we need a quantum revolution to encompass all time, life, states, planes, dimensions, etc.

my final statement, and this is from experience, the brain isnt a chemical, its an organ. it can repair itself, but it still is unique and extremely complex. i believe it would take every computer on earth to reproduce a neural network (a brain).

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pinhole theory





\             GODS ——->




Where 1 is the origin of GOD (Global Oddity Density). It’s like a gunshot across all planes/space/dimensions/space/states

smallest particle in existence

by raj j putari

basically according to GOD (Global Oddity Density^), the smallest particle is whats around the current smallest in existence: the atom. it is my belief that the smallest particle looks like this: