Computer Security

  1. Don’t visit insecure sites. My sites run on so its secure, its corporate backed. Think random sites on and Adult sites
  2. Wash hands before and after using computers
  3. Don’t download frivolously, there are still worms from the 90’s circulating
  4. Try your best to visit a domestic government site and download their software, their system will clean some bugs through a system of checks and balances enforced by computers
  5. Download Ghidra by NSA, even the file can save your life
  6. Try to keep your speakers and computer off when not in use
  7. Disconnect your internet when not in use, and write a note stating so, so you don’t get confused on relevant matter
  8. Try to use a major Internet Service Provider’s Dial Up connection, slows attackers down
  9. Don’t pirate software
  10. Keep in close contact with government employees, don’t hurl insults at them
  11. Stay quiet about your work on the internet, unless running a website, even then its a crapshoot
  12. For advanced hackers: “Cooperate with your ISP”