recipe: fresh vegetable soup

Free yellow creamy soup, wooden

this is good for farmers or people who grow a ton of veggies

what you’ll need is chicken or beef stock (chicken is sodium and beef is more peppery)

chop all veggies (broccoli, spinach, celery and cauleflower, be sure not to add too much or you wont get soup)
go easy on herbs, I suggest no herbs and everyone add their take on worchestor, salt or pepper after its done. here is one herb/veggie combos I can suggest: rosemary, broccoli, cauleflower, carrot
if you do add a distinct herb, or a flavourful veggie or fruit, the longer you cook your veggie soup on low or medium the more the veggies release their internal juices and absorb the stock and juices and herbs. basically the longer you cook on low, the better it is

you can also add chicken or steak! or a little flour to thicken