my experience as a cigarette chain smoker at 38

Lit cigarette

I started smoking cigarettes when I was 19 or so, and im 38 now. the town where I started smoking had these damp, fresh cigarettes wherever I bought them and were lethally addictive. it lead to very talkative behaviour for mostly everyone, and the conversations I had on that towns cigarettes and marijuana lasted hours

when it came to writing software it led to me taking breaks which lead to a slow down in work. I actually had a small smoking shed where id smoke and most of my time was spent there. that’s where I developed the habit of a chainsmoker.

I honestly didn’t know cigarettes differed town to town, as some are fresher, some are purposely staler, etcetera, and I have the believe that a towns cigarettes are an asset to some kind of law enforcement conspiracy, as when I moved to my new house with my family the entire county I moved to sold these super stale cigarettes, which instead of making me calm and talkative, made me feel like I was on crack occassionally.

cigarettes may just seem like a prop to make people seem cool but they keep people super cool inside, its like living life in luxury, the cost is you might get health problems and or die and or early, but when you look back, it may or may be worth it. I go through 6 cartons a month and about one and 1/2 of weed a month

honestly if it wasn’t for cigarettes and marijuana I wouldve killed myself during the times where Comedy Central was lifting my material I sent in. I saw so many movies and tv shows that resembled my work I sent in en masse in return for money but got a mental illness in return.

will be a smoker for life. lol.