cooking with the microwave

kitchen room with white wall

microwaves weren’t invented to cook one or two items, they were made to heat up a variety of food

for example, you can take a bowl and put a cracked egg inside and microwave it for one minute, be careful as some microwaves can cause the egg to explode, and it can be hot, or undercooked at one minute. simply slide out of bowl into bread or if you really want, you can scrambled it before you microwave and add stuff like jalapeños, cheese, tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, greens, or even olives

you can microwave meat but it tastes rubbery and questionable

you can cut up fruits and microwave them, banana is one I tried that tasted quite gourmet

and not all frozen food that’s instructed to be baked needs to be baked, those cordon blue stuffed breaded chicken breasts (they’re stuffed with stuff like broccoli or ham and cheese) microwave in 1:30 and never made me sick, and they were from raw

bon appétit!