my life took a sharp nose dive after I helped comedy central

high angle photo of robot

it was 911 and they had this show, too late with Adam Corolla, and they publicized an email address, I emailed some movie ideas and they made it like a week later, I remember this was before my brain damage, I think.

then I either had a break down because at the time sex sold and what matched my head wasn’t matching the screen, so I looked up comedy centrals contact information and called them and acted really fucking stupid and crazy on weed.

I was expecting them to listen to the emails and email me back money and contact me for a party or something =( after they made those movies and media etc I lost my mind. I was a perfectly normal person before.

the apex was when I saw news casters have sex on live tv before they legalized plan b. one time, and my name is Jon, I heard “do it like Jon” offscreen on cnn.

Fox News was tame. I honestly think Comedy Central or Jon stewart (I talked to him and Stephen Colbert about writing for Comedy Central but they hung up, cant do that anymore cause of my mental health..) hired Anderson Cooper and cnn to spy on me, because Anderson Cooper was a bull for a while at cnn. all the girls, guys feared him, alpha frat male, knew all the guys at the parties and would personally write you the check. then again thats all stuff I saw in my head, but it traumatized the shit out of me because it was in my fucking head.

or even (and this is like -7.3 on the scary scale) this could be a giant prank by Jon stewart. I dont know.