new users: you an eat cannabis for a short buzz

kush in close up photography

most people say you can’t get high if you eat raw cannabis but that’s just a rumour, you won’t get as high as smoking it, you’ll get a tiny buzz if anything, but its worth paying 50$ at a local cannabis dispensary to get an eighth of an ounce of marijuana. its not your grandmas oregano, you won’t get so high you’ll have a panic attack or do anything crazy when alone or with friends, and its a subtle discussion topic for couples on a date. some marijuana can have chemical residue that effects tastes, but at most cannabis stores in legal states they sell regulated, clean marijuana.

you don’t need to dump weed into a pot, and generally all weed tastes the same and effects you the same when you eat it, with subtle differences between strains and indicia and sativa. for the most part, raw cured grinded marijuana tastes sweet, a little skunk, and chewy and a little raw. I suggest not putting too much if you’re seeking the taste, but if you’re going for the high id try a fairly big nug per plate.

most clubs have weed in jars that are a little dry, this is good for a little 2-3 minute buzz. you can mix it in burger meat or just sprinkle it on salads or soups or even pastas