how to make soup

soup isn’t just water, herbs spices and meat, you’ll need a broth to give you that soupy taste, it goes by stock. beef stock, chicken stock, I think that’s all.

but here are some recipes, if you cook soup longer and you use many spices they manage to blend together and provide a unique taste that changes as you eat it

anyways, hers the stock recipes

chicken, rosemary, and tomato
milk or cream, shredded cheddar, chopped brocolli
about 8 tomatoes chopped and cooked with chicken broth (or just water) to make a soup or a sauce
fiesta mix: avacados, cubed steak, chicken broth, green onions and celery (be sure to cook this one for a while) with
fiesta 2.0: pineapple, tomato, chicken stock, chopped ham, and potato

be sure to cook these for a while!