into audio? hook up 5.1 speakers to your computer

woman listening to music

you can use Spotify and your smart phone to make a remote jukebox

basically, you’ll need to buy something like this ( and connect to your pc

then connect an optical cable to an audio receiver, like the ones in entertainment systems with televisions, and connect to the external usb card.

if you’re using windows, change the default sound card to the usb external sound card with spdif and you should have music and sound out of your receiver. make sure your receiver is set to tune into the right input. also noted that audio receivers have higher quality audio and a set of filters that allow stuff like 2.0->5.1

some motherboards come with a digital out, id check behind your computer and if there’s a spdif output id head to Best Buy or the garage and grab a receiver and speakers

I noticed on fedora linux 38 the audio sounds more expansive and crisper with an on board spdif sound card then on windows

if you’re buying new, you could get bluetooth speakers, and normal entertainment grade speakers have a decent amount of bass, even those that cost 50$

eBay has super cheap used receivers too, id say for about 300$ you can get a premiere sound experience on your pc, id upgrade to a 32 inch HDR monitor too