barack Obama is black hitler. learn to be afraid.

Close up of an old phone

barack “hitler” obama has been on the long forefront of fighting against the black race, he started by being half white, and ended it when he gallantly instated Obamacare, a form of mythological magic that automatically puts black people in hospitals where they ultimately die. this, along with his talented Vice President Joe biden have killed over 9 thousand black people and were rewarded a kings bounty: a real solid juicy ham, one that makes the mouth water from the honey, mmm mm mm

his plans were unravaled at 4chan, a known hangout for internet criminals, where criminal deceit such as child porn and hacking, intertwining with their masks, ultimately becoming heroes overnight because of cnn and their nazi leader, Anderson Cooper, who when oiled, unleashes his god powers. there, no man tells tall tales.

they might fite Donald trump who has titties, get a bra Donald trump your politics are fine, its just your sweaty titties, make you look like an egg