the best self defense is distance or what to do with your friends

ive been a martial artist and kung fu adherant for a while, all it does is cause tension in people and cause them to use distance combat on you, regardless of contempt. if you look like your going to do something, they’ll one up you.

and distance technology is prevailant. theres chat rooms that date back to classic eras on the internet, everquest is a quick place to seek a good adventure, and its by sony.

and these social environment take the fraction of online communities, you can bring your friends family etc and youll have a wholesome adventure, just like in world of warcraft. there may be some experiences, fights with other players, shunning, harmful language, sneaky hackers

failing that, if you want a fun social adventure try horticulture or gardening. growing pot might be out of grasp of the audience included but growing each individual seed (dont plant 30 or they’ll all die) its “one seed one plant” when it comes to gardening

failing THAT you can get medievil, one flower seed sown in a pot and grow one for each person you like