my case manager is cool

kind of embarassing because i have a previous diangosis of sane and an er doctor changed it over stuff i sent to comedy central. everyone was fine until the police and doctors ruined my credit and gave me voices in my head, infact, now id be distrobuting cyberpunk material, well no, id probably send unsolicitied material to comedy central cyber punk shows and movies in 2010, big bang theory was inspired by a treatment i sent to comedy central, then the scene died without me

but i was psychologically manipulated by my high school peers and teachers to not drive, i was into car mechanics and driving until a teacher would talk to me personally then i just hated driving

so im going to talk to a case manager about getting me drivers lessons with a doctor or a good driving school to fix the damage, i think life on the road could be good but these voices in my head just destroy me. again, was fine until i complained to that specific er doctor, stupid medical small town conspiracy, all i wanted to do iwas make movies remotely