cooking with tomatoes

tomatoes can be cooked in almost way

they can be baked, broiled, fried, microwaved, you can apply heat it can be cooked like any other veggie

one recipe you can do is a pesto sourdough, tomatoe, and provolone cheese bread that takes 1 minute to produce

on the scale of taking a long time to cook, tomatoes work as an absorber like onions and other whites due to how clorophyll works (basically cloropyhll is a super nutrient on this planet that is resident in all creations and etc and leaves earth behind)

you can cut up some tomatoes, add cabbage, some flour, butter, and some water, stuff with cheese after you make a shell around the cheese, not sure if that’ll fit i during baking but try to encase in butter, untested since im a decent cook

the perfect way to live life is v8, a tomato based drink.

so there you have it, if youre not a dork and above the age of 25 best thing to do is drink v8