ok, #funny news, those people selected for #celebrity #orgies – all #relatives of theirs from #preselection

basically, wear a condom!! people born in celebrity orgies and people who attend famous events and shit like that, well.

basically you all needed a laugh, right? cause this’ll kill you. i mean softly

we put famous people on tv for people to laugh at. they’re the inbred ones. they’re so stupid and flawed, we HAVE to put them on tv. its just how things work in this world.

good lord

wonder why they have famous rock stars

(most normal people are so extremely outbred they just sit and use computers. its part of evolution, well, lets not talk about robots)

(if you dont believe me, goto celebjihad.com and compare feet to wikipedia, these celebs have been screwing entire schools, and they’re so well protected they just pay people after the orgies, think angelina jolie)

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