alright, wallys back.. hes striving for perfection #wutang #raekwon #music #musicvideo #orginal

as of now, wallys the inheritor of the eternal styles, he made it, hes gonna grow, grow like a plant, he made it, the eternal style belongs to the gods, theyre the inheritors of the style, but wally made it, im not gonna be a drug dealer my entire life, SAWOOOOO

wallys secret service. he was rescued from a river, hes been here all along

believe it or not, hes outside your house.

watch out for the music video

the gods

ok here the music video

basically, wally was working big weight in colombia, doing that co caine, mike lavano, who sold coke out the bottle, was upstate, did time, didnt wait, never fronted the big weight, so he made it, he told wally “you’re my son”, but at that time, wally didnt have a son. so he waited, until the last line of fifty two. you know what happened? to mike lavano?

nobody knows.

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