almost #every #unidef #member has ties to the #illuminati

the illuminati believes in all gods, the demonic ones get publicized and sent to a special circle in hell where they work for the illuminati eternally. its hard work, but theres ac, and sometimes we tell a joke.. dont want to harm anyone, but demons cook and generally talk, its just eternal work due to contracts

if you dont believe me, and trust me, if youre reading this, you fucking shouldnt, but i will teach you a handshake for joining the illuminat

if you are chosen, your hand will rise and you’ll see the handshake before your eyes while listening to the above song. if youre a satanist, you’ll hear the truth, other gods i dont know, but god will just.. give you everything and watch, the devil loves testing mortals. he feels god is a rockstar. but all they do is watch in this world, its hard to explain

grandmaster unidef yashizza

ps try x = 13 = x, when you figure it out, boy you’ll learn the truth

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