open letter to #blacktwitter, it is a racist #tactic to bring people in a race war

basically, a white guy who hated blacks and was fueled by the word “nigger” with powers decided that if the race war was brought up, we’d all fight over racism

in my world, lets say we’re on the street

a white man calls a black guy a nigger, no one else cares cause they have their own problems, white guys wife is a whore, black guy has problems because of some whore, you have no right to gang fight that white guy, thats what these racists want, so it’ll harm our community, and its like a garden man

same white guy, calls a guy a chink, if he beat the black guys ass that karate better come in fast

just trying to solve problems, unidef yashizzo

oh i brought my nigga license, had it revoked by paul mooney for aping a rock, BEYATCH

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