an #open #letter to the #world – treat your #celebrities better

you know when theres a good celebrity when she or he looks beautiful and graceful.

if you hear them committing heinous acts, its mainly because misinformation or even worse, conspiracy by the media.

i know what fox news and cnn and other cable news outlets do. they’re aggressive perverts with unlimited power. they feel they are the true celebrities, ones who report the news openly without reprocussion

if you want someone to dispute over reasons of entertainment, look no further then the cable news media. im not talking about the old dogs like cbs news, im talking about the exploitive news media, who spin new in entertainment ways, not just comedy

as i wait for my new agent to call, i hope i dont get exploited and annoyed by the cable news media. i know i’ll face repercussions for this posts from them, and i am scared, but one voice against a million could have their own repercussions.

anyways, when you see a beautiful person on tv or in the movies, or even in person, dont hate them, their life is shit as it is.

fucking double standards. my mentor was right, we are all alike


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