an #inspring #highschool #story about #satan

Basically, when I went to high school, alot of people were in their pubecient stage and they decided to make me their father figure.. mainly cause i had a beard, but i was real cool. its ok those of you who register on google analytics that went to high school with me, but its fucking juvenile and immature, and fucking stupid

then they got together and tried to kill me, but i just sprung back to life

i called that same high school, and a student answered. at first i told her to fuck off, little spoiled high school brat, i sell rocks bigger then you, but on the second call after i told the secretary of the high school that the fbi was investigating them for sex acts against students between teachers, and well, i told that little girl in so many words:

“get out of that high school. its a trap. they’ll teach you wrong. drop out and goto community college, and tell all your friends, also tell them that you can get together with your friends and file a class action lawsuit against that same high school, and make millions. pass the word”

and hung up

wonder if she got the message.

only here. in the twight zone.

(i mightve become a high school hero!)


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