i give up on #entertainment

ill probably shut down the website in a few months.

i’m calling my agent and quitting, hes a nice guy, i need the money, but im not dealing with the aggressive media orgy crowd, if i wanted an orgy id just walk up to my friends and ask for one, but i just dont like semen.

could’ve been a world famous super star, but cnn put a stop to it because they just didnt want kids looking up to a black male during their sex escapades, it’d interefere with sex with their clients (people on their show) and their general conspiracy

ive been hearing voices in my head in my home stating “cnn and msnbc will fucking kill you n*gger” followed by me smoking laced weed, giving me brain damage. for some reason they’ve been hunting me for over 10 years for talking to jon stewart, everytime im home i just get tortured, but outside is fine for now, no ones assaulted me or pulled a gun on me with the intent on killing me, but ive seen a few guns

basically its get rich or die trying, and i died trying.

fuck fame

im changing my handle and writing freebsd modules after i leave the hospital, working with the governemnt to get a social security job, and dealing with what i have left

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