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i have an annoucement, ill be paying money to somethingawful and 4chan for advertising, probably 1000$ each when i get my money for “master vishnus intentions”, if its up in the millions, probably more

already got a response from lowtax, all it said was “yessssss” so i assume hes lost his time, 4chan hasnt responded. trying to get lowtax a movie studio so we all can laugh, it’ll probably be independant for the crowd (internet populace) and released with lowtax’s and mine guidance.. just horrified the media might snap and kill these people..

after i sent those emails, i told comedy central:

“give us your bread, your water, your wine, and i will show you the future”

i have high hopes for the hacking community and the internet populace with my movies and my work.. hopefully we can accomplish everything we want

“after all, we are all alike” – ThE MeNToR, shortly before his arrest in his manifesto, “the hackers manifesto”.. google it

after all, we are all alike…

raj j putari

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