the story of the #alamo: #SouthSanFrancisco / #SSF / @andrewyang

basically, when my family got to ssf, it was basically a place for retired old people. all denominations, mainly white.. alot of them would pray for me, and keep me company, never harming me once, until the immigrants moved in, started buying houses and racking up their illegal deficiet and taxing the community, eventually turning it into a crime ridden place after the elders died. they mainly spend their time lying, manipulating, raping, doing illegal activities that harm the united states, and their citizens, and most police there are immigrants, so they side with the gangs.

basically, i just heard over my speaker they’re enacting plans to deport certain individuals, so please, stay calm, and if you see an immigrant thats just out of place, even by perception, just call the police and say i think this kids a drugged out gangbanger, sometimes they haul them off, sometimes they dont, depends on the immigrants working the computers.

these immigrants are mainly mexican and filipino, filipinos are asian/spanish citizens

whats worse is, i went to high school there and they learned everything they could from me, so they might gather up and enact revenge on me for trying to succeed for myself, i think out of jealously. these people are considered raj j putari stalkers, imitators, and liars (RJPSIL)

please be cautioned, they like grabbing their phones and gabbing, if not centralizing in gang behavior that is dissassociated from all but eletronic gang signals on their phones and speakers, making them dangerous

since they’ll probably find me, off to the fbi i go


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