these terrorists want you to lie, they want you to deceive everyone into hating you, after that they’ve won.

after you lie, and we all lie, america becomes the most hated country. they want our dignity, this is hell, but when they rise above america’s reputation, they have nothing. terrorism is insanity, and they need assistance.

try to tell the truth on media such as youtube and twitter, and if youve lied, make up a funny/creative way to tell apologize, and try to stay honest – remember these middle easterners and russian lost money and property, and they’ll do anything to get even with any american, even if that means tricking them to come to their home country (something terrorists love doing), just to kill you

if you want to make friends, be honest with your life, endure the ridicule, and wait until you find a cool set of friends, thats what i did, and i ended up with the media – and help as many people as you can, because they will come back and help you, i suggest starting with religious buildings

the terrorists infrastructure is rooted in ours, and they know everything we know from publicly distributed books on the internet, including psychology and chemistry, even newtonian mathematics.

they wont kill you, but torture you for allah so you’ll destroy themselves, showing their mastery

give me your weak, your poor, your destitute, and i will give you liberty and justice, for our forefathers wrote our constitution.. in #bloodlust

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