uncle #unidef shows you the #basics of #hacking

in this lesson with dragons and shit, we discuss hacking

you will need (and this is for safety)

  1. knowledge or a taste of it
  2. linux in a virtualized environment (google qemu, works on windows)
  3. knowledge of atleast debian linux
  4. access to exploit sites such as packetstorm
  5. time
  6. an internet connection
  7. thick skin
  8. ability to deal with the scene
  9. exploit scanner that can scan remote locations
  10. basic c programming experience (optional)
  11. basic tcp/ip networking experience (optional)
  12. basic c networking socket experience (optional)

basically, after a few weeks of research, you should be able to scan remote locations, compile and execute an exploit, and gain mad root access. fuck the vm, go back to playing warcraft, if you get caught just lie, and if someone breaks in and rapes you, stay quiet! they’re probably outside right now!

and for the love of god, dont hack the government. no clue what they do, or what secrets they hold, but they will detain you.


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