im making #cbs #news the #official news channel of UNiDEF

cbs news anchors according to broadcast (like channels with a low digit, think 5 or 13) just tell the news, and say one thing about themselves. its like high school, cnn tries to be this weird frat, like a news walmart, and nbc and fox cooperate with them, so if you want news, check out cbs brand news

im talking about cbs morning news, most local cbs tv channels news (like local news), and maybe the cbs news channel, but i dont get the cbs news channel on xfinity, just local, cnn, fox, nbc, and i think msnbc

the reason i say this, is because cbs has been through this shit before, seriously, like in the 60s, so they have an archaic rule of systems based on checks and balances, sometimes just knowledge, to prevent people from getting shitty news

donald trump doesnt deal with cbs, ill tell you that much

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