probably going to try to get #baptised at my #local #church

something happened and i decided to be a born again christian

the church has an organized group of good people, some who feel good prevails in this world, and its just a community of people id like to join, especially the catholic church

we dont have a catholic church here in my town, but christian churches but its all the damned same in my book

the hindu temple is awesome but some indian people are obsessive, they get pretty violent over religion and they turn into assholes real quick, usually taking it out on women in my family

the christian church here is well maintained, and all i gotta do is go there once a week, i can make it since i work late hours so i can just stroll by and hear a sermon and go back to writing software

i believe in gods in all that, but a church with somewhat good people who talk about similar things, and you can like network on sunday? count me in


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