the #dream about the #dragon and the #nightmare #when i #woke up (#waken)

dragons are divine creatures, some are immortal.

in the dream, i was lead to a small hut in a jungle, and a nice woman who didnt show her face said something in tongues and shook her head side to side, something weird, some uk psychatrist started talking like that once when she came to visit me, but she led me to the dragon and said “the dragon would like to talk to you”, the #dragon was pitch black with pointed black horns, it tried to talk to me but its long thin tongue tongue came out and wrapped around the vision, and then i woke up. ive had two dreams where i woke up screaming, one with visions of a overground pool with everyone standing in a line with black splotches on their faces, it was so dark, even the black guy was smiling with this big black blotch on his face.. the other one i was led to naxxaramas, on the intro gate, in a pitch black background, an abomination bit me, i woke up feeling like someone had taken a huge bite out of my side, fucking antipsychotics

hi dragon

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