The time I almost got famous

I usually call Comedy Central with free stuff, I like donating to big tv/film studios because I like to picture their life as shit with money, ie dealing with travel, germs, dealing with people they hate, you know, giving away top quality stuff (and about 70% of the stuff i sent in over 12 years has made it to tv and film. i hate it, but its like mental barbells, keeps me alert in society, etc)

it comes with a dire cost, when people find out, bad things happen to me. ive been to a hospital more then a friends house over the past decade, its a long story, but when people talk, and someone doesnt like it, something bad can happen.

but i was in a pissy mood and started yelling and making the same threats, and they passed it on to some guy, and he asked me if i wanted to be the next britney spears or something, first time i didnt get the voice mail in about 10 years (one time i talked to colbert and stewart, and life was so good until about 2 months in) so i just hung up and got high

weird day

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