yeah i fixed the media, got #secretservice to sell them crack

they were doing the most notorious things, now they just leave people alone and smoke crack.

oh. btw, if you’re confronted by the media, and they need crack, they’ll probably rob you like a bunch of black thugs. no sex, no money, no power, just gimme the crack and its all gravy.

i even told them to sell crack to the kids, cause hey, i gotta get paid, im not letting them start this shit over in the next generation, i love this planet, i LOVE selling crack, its the game, brings me back home, two for 5’s, god bless the game, what it is? every rock got a dream behind it

they hired jay z and his goons to sell them crack

they’ll.. probably fight over rock but who cares

the future? if they dont shut the fuck up, they’ll probably fuck around and have a heart attack

i think some nigga fucked around and really made it to heaven, his name? richard pryor

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