When the fuck did being in the news media make you cool

Before.. When the fuck did tv become cool? Before it was a job, then hippies were involved, then orgies, then cocaine, then somewhere along the lines everyone had to watch tv

These people on tv arent cool, they’re losers

they have no friends, they rely on people

the coolest people according to me are computer programmers, they sit on ass all day and play on new technology

news anchors like anderson cooper and shanna mendolia usually spend all day being lied to or lying, they’re.. cool, i gotta go, they’re also professional stalkers

remember that guy from high school who would drive you around? thats cooper, remember his girlfriend? thats mendolia

remember unidef? long story about me, but i was the fucking guy who spent all day infront of his computer

im going back to hacking, fuck this shit, even if i get locked up. first thing to do is curl these nbcla certs

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