How I saved the world.

Let’s just say theres a charming, well connected demon with a full set of Yashizzo

But first I found out about the English Royalty having orgies, then CNN went insane as usual and started banging kids, which pissed me off since I’m deformed from last time summer was in, then people in my neighborhood started having sex parties, again, not invited.

I just sold my soul to the devil, and my voices went away, I signed a golden contract saying I can get my soul back because the person who made the contract was my friend, I dont know who, it was in my mind. Then, I emailed Esther Povitsky and saw her crying, then she did the same. Then I saw us floating around having a marriage, now I feel empty, hollow and alone.

I think I lost my soul to the devil, and maybe someone else too.

Oh well, I’m normal now, just.. a little hollow. Hopefully the world gets saved, maybe in about.. 5 minutes

unidef the worldsaver

ps “you can have it back anytime, since we’re friends”

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