#Unidef dot org is officially #shutdown

I’m tired of helping these teen and adult celebrite make millions just so they can horde into mansions and fuck in orgies for 10 hours on cocaine and meth, they dont even invite me. blame cnn, they picked up some kid, made up a story, and let him fuck two journalists. i think its still on their instagram

unidef will not exist, i will not be famous, and when hosting runs out in a year, i wont renew

all i wanted was to get laid and the same people i was talking to on instagram were fucking each other, in the same room, and talking about how to make sure i die homeless. what fucking evil.

anyways, im going to go get drunk. bye. enjoy whats left of my life

also, if you have any common sense, unplug it. leave zion. it died along time ago, not because of agents, but because of people

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