You know, Carlton Banks once held a gat (now with pictures)

Donned it, reveled in the steel.. picked up, dropped it, picked up again, and shot a cop

Carlton Banks is from the tough side of Beverly Hills, he used to work narcotics in High School, mainly dealing PCP to chicanos for lunch money, shit like that

You know Judge Banks beat Carlton

Carlton, was a failed abortion. And a crack baby. and his momma aint SHIT. aint SHIT.

Then carl winslows lost his damned mind, started screaming shit at harriet about cop shit she never understood


Then like the flood of jesus christ’s final seal of revelations, urkel, minkis, ferguson, and the rest of the deliquents charged in and started talking about business

Now Carl’s a level headed cop, he carries a gun, he once shot a kid, and regretted it, so he called reinforcements and had steve urkel placed in a mental ward, calle it URKY ONE URKY

Steve spent months in the psych ward pretending to be Stefan, until they discharged him, because he was a rapist, and his roommate, James the Nigga Hating Inmate, decided to break his glasses, efficiently breaking all of Steves power

Get your crazy ass back in your ER PSYCH WARD ROOM STEVE

Then, like a motherfucking clock on crack, or a watch on coke, theres a difference, Mr Cooper walks in to the police station

“Allo, I’m here for possession of a controlled substance”

This is when Pam had enough, she had lost his damned mind with Martin smoking crack and doing hoolahoops in hawaii while she worked her damned ass off, so she called Sinclar. Sinclar didnt give a FUCK cause of overton, and overtons a god damned janitor, no one cares about him

Then Bill Cosby found out through Pam’s voices in her head, Bill Cosby learned telepathy at the olympics from Richard Pryor, who for this essay I am submitting to Yale, is the God of all Medicines

Wont find this on

Then Johnny Cochran popped up, realized Unidef was in trouble and he had too much damned money. Johnny Cochran, got OJ off, so he told all the blacks “hey ya’ll want some free money?” and left

That bought me enough time to steal the diamonds.

Then Carl Winslow popped in again, this time hes high on crack for some reason, he stopped talking about cop stuff to harriet, now hes on a morbid obsession with child pornography that didnt exist. The rest of the Winslows were sleeping fast, except for that little jerry curl having bastard that ruined the show, aka SATAN

While we’re talking about SATAN, let’s talk about Church Lady. Dana Carvey. SHE started this all with dancing in the moonlight

THEN heaven forbid Kelsey Grammar found out, cause at this point he was on crack too. Everyones on crack, I’d advertise it but I’m watching Family Matters, hard to find a program that cuts coke that well, but grammar at this point had found an 8 ball and decided magic was real, and he was a magician

So Lowtax finds out, and starts crying. He’s a whiney little bitch and I’ll probably hire him on staff as a janitor, not a wordpress janitor, an ACTUAL JANITOR, actually nevermind, that position is full

After all that, I call the president and he says “who is this?”

A failed system.

then ALBERT walks in, i dont even know his last name, but it’ll probably say custodial services below it, he says “well, fack you dude! i learned from you in high school” and i decide to hire people out of my high school alumi to work at UNiDEF


Just killing time.


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