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I get a cut out of every product you buy from this website as long as you click on a link, so I’ll be advertising cannabis on this website.

For weed smoking newbies:
Try https://goddessdelivers.com/source-cannabis-cuvee-cookies-indica-hybrid-eighth.html?partner_program=fZkX9tCvG1&referring_service=link
Nibble on the buds until you’re comfortable, then buy a weed pipe at a smoke shop and try smoking a little. Too much weed can make you paranoid, and overwhelm you, cause panic episodes, and cause a freak out that could pair with emotional and psychogical harm, sometimes permenantly.

For experienced smokers:

For Experienced Smokers click link above, you’ll need a cannabis card if in california

Sativa Hash. States Red, could be thai, but i havent tried, I cant afford a hash pipe

Red Hash From A Temple Collective, might have roots with sadhus inadvertantly

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