The Story of Block Master

Oh yeah, theres a block master on every block.

Knows all types of shit, dealt with slavery, has a nine, dealt with black panthers, 90 years old, may stand there smoking rock cause hes been shamed in the game, may stand at the bank behind the desk cause of some young buck he helped 50 years ago, shit, couldve been president Barack Obama

There’s a block master on every block..

Here’s the story of my block master, I was scoring some weed by the club, and this crackhead tried to rob me after I asked him directions, took some weed and could fight like a potato, eyes everywhere jack, liked baked potato this crack head moved, block master said “hey, cut that shit out”, he still robbed me, that crack head, but i asked block master why he didnt do shit, you know what he said? “i dont fucking know you”

after that i feared the ghetto, I knew some drug addict was going to rob me before I robbed him, but block master was there.. donning the gin, gin rummy, think ill make a song out of it, unidef – block master

but be warned, if you’re reading this, so has block master.. right samuel?

oh yeah, theres a block master on every block..

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