The future of is uncertain

I don’t have any money, but I get money and it adds up to about 2k a month if welfare accepts my application, plus other income I’ll disclose, if CalWORKs is reading I really need the income temporarily or permenantly depending on circumstance, but I’ll probably have enough money by next year to keep and hopefully if I win the copyright lawsuit against I can keep the unidef network, additionally if the sba authorizes my loans, I can make unidef an official business, with paid employees including tax benefits and medical and everything I can afford with a small loan, maybe salary, I don’t know, but unidef’s public appearance is uncertain, so be sure to back up music and get all your work done


Summary: I might run out of money, so if you support and like this site, be sure to click ads if you’re low income, mid income buy some weed and sell it or something from links, I get money for the referral link in the side bar, check on desktop site, if you’re high income check out the donation page, it’s tricky and you’ll have an adventure positive or negative, but try it. Link might not work, min donation is 1600$ and that’s to protect my address

It’s unidef policy to recompensate kindness with giving

Also since I own unidef the name I’ll go ahead and register unidef as a business and try to get a store front or an office or something running for you people, you seem to like me, maybe we can do business!

Updated on iphone

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