#New #Dance #Diet (#NDD)

Basically, get high, I suggest marijuana sativa or if you’ve done it enough, sugar that makes you dandy, really adjust, and this is for hardcore smokers, be sure to smoke cigarettes to keep the weight off, this diet is expensive

but dance to 90’s trance, or your favorite dance music. music that makes you “feel” good instantly are good NDD diet suppliments, be sure to dance infront of a mirror incase you goto a club and need reassurance, not martially, but not to look like a dork, you can dance in your underwear or naked, i dont suggest it because of harm to genitals, but the key points here are:

1. get high
2. chainsmoke
3. listen to good music on a smartphone through good wired headphones for moves, wear a button down shirt and slacks
4. dance ALOT
5. eat what you want and work it off (thanks drew!)

the social aspect is up to you, just dance if your fat!

I suggest cheeba chews, available at greengoddess.com, the club that i order from, they’ll deliver within 2 days and you can start immediately. please consult with your doctor beforehand.

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