My plan for contacting #extraterrestrial life

Use NEURAL technology to predict when they’ll contact us to impress them.

Math is the language of the universe. Equations on Mars and Neptune might coincide with Earth Equations, meaning there is a common bond.

Anyways, for those inclined for space research, check out the qLib C Library, it deals with multidimensional multidirectional (broke as of post, hack the stack or use pointer to pointer to pointer (^p) for directionals, I havent updated qlib at all, no documentation as of yet (anyone want to volunteer?) but i have emailed it into research labs and governments and elected officials, even ocasio cortez, with surprisingly no response, maybe no one really monitors those emails, the only person that contacts me back is a congressman in an adjacent town, but anyways, the more nodes we have the higher chance we have of making earth: 1 space:0, just to impress the aliens if they exist, maybe they’ll make first contact like in the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

also i have bad news. douglas adams has died.

he died 20 years ago. good luck finding another one, and the fish? i took them. and ill steal your books, all of them, and the dolphins? what did i do.. I FUCKING TOOK THE DOLPHINS TOO, AND IF YOU FUCK WITH ME ILL DESTROY THE PLANET.

but anyways, someone needs an emacs addon, id use the mailing list but im afraid of spam and actual angry crazy nerds, id love work done in the c compiler to make things faster, assembly work to NEURAL to predict big computations

code at

git clone ~/work && echo “operation complete”

then pipe it to your processing unit

anyways, if I could get some help in neural to communicate with aliens, that involves nasa (goto their website and call them i guess, i dont know how to talk to nasa personnel, they’re pretty hidden)

or email me at

any hostile comments will be refused

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