I’m trying to take out loans to support UNiDEF

Sba, attempting to take out payday loans, I tried a NPO fundraising service called KIVA (they’ll contact me in two weeks), I have a welfare appointment for short term funds, if the loans go out, I’ll start a business – UNiDEF.

UNiDEF’s horrible future I hope not, said this handful of feathers!!

With the loan, I’ll hire my first internet employee, with benefits and everything, with a starting salary of 1,000$, just to write posts on unidef.org, with editing and supervision, so early starters email your resume to jon@unidef.org

WordPress, must be advanced, hopefully intelligence quality or corporate quality or comes with verifiable educational resources

Benefits will come as money allows, from what I can gather from a promising financial advisor and google, but salary is capped at 1k for 10 posts a month, complete with resume stuff and training.

If this works, UNiDEF will need the best, of the best, of the best, of the best, of the best, of the best.

As money rolls in, I’ll provide services through people I hire and contact and update on my personal website, because Unidef.org is for The People, UNiDEF is for the people, unidef is the hacker that created it all

Maybe even a button that gives you a dollar, I’ll ask wordpress. A really good button.

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