I just made Vanessa Hudgen faklept

She was like, OMG, and i was like oh come, and she got incrementally OMG and eventually, she was like O M G, so i was like COME ON, and you know what she said? huh? to my FACE? ON THAT INSTAGRAM LIVE CHAT?


So I’m calling myself a celebrity, I made a celebrity faklept, and advertised my website, and she was charming, but a little disturbed. people should take it easy on famous people, shouldnt really target people, try to take your aggressions out spiritually, if youre an angry person, try accepting a few major religions, unidef.org will be up for another year unless i can afford hosting next year, if not i can backup before the site goes down, so be sure to click ads and buy my weed after getting a card!!

anyways, i have a celebrity blog, atleast for now, hopefully i dont let anyone down, especially that nice guy who used my contact form


Also I talked to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and made a few shows, but asked not to be mentioned, and I can’t believe they listened and cemented it.

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