#BlackTwitter: The Story of How #EddieMurphy Made it cause of #RichardPryor @richardpryor

Ok, This is when Eddie was the italian stallion, he battled a ,moviegoer over a social security check, and richard caught him, richard had dealt with the irs in taking over saudi arabia, and was high on crack, crack that he made with the cia, so eddie tells richard, fuck you you big nose motherfucking peice of shit, i fucked your momma and she aint shit

ok now richard has a gun. he doesnt use the gun, but when he does, he shoots cars.

now eddie loves the game, he fought richard and took his crack pipe, then richard said “you dont know” and eddie murphy shit his pants, cause richard has psyhic powers, thats when the fbi said and said slurs and tricked eddie murphy into going back to the sun, and richard said, one less comedian on the scene, and went back to his work on quantum physics and investigating the crime elements of the gambino family.

richard pryor. is an undercover fbi agent.

Richard Pryor, was once the #blackPresident. He didnt tell anyone, cause the hash he smoked was made out of moon elixer at the time, and he made it

Click here to buy some weed, maybe smoking weed will help, maybe it wont, hell if i know, ive been smoking weed all my life and i have a website, except for ricardo, he made fun of my shirt so i have psychological problems.

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