The Real Story of the Scene

Scene God, Trance God, and Dance God, along with the god of all ryththm were smoking weed with extacy

the scene was blaring, The Scene, I mean, he was blowing, smokes and dope, the scene was fat, didnt stop, when the beat came up, he stopped, The Scene was so good

So Dance God got into a fight with Evil, Dance god lost, he got his ass kicked by all of evil, then trance god started talking to the scene, and said fuck you man, if youre scene is so fly, why didnt he stop it? at the time, this was new, he talked to God, which was Supreme of Land, and God said Let There Be Light, god was omnious in the early days of the scene

Now evil knew everything, and I’m failing to capatalize some letters, denotation of major sources are supposed to be capital, stupid macbook pro keyboard, but Evil knew the game, it knew Ancient Evil, Ancient Good, Immortal Evil, cause they think they all came from Evil, but he’s lying for the real Evil, the Devil, but he isnt as evil as Pure Evil, or Evil itself. It works like this..

But Good was like wait. There was evil before the universe, and God said let there be light and there was good, and the scene understood this from day one, thats why the scene is always good, and God is good, and that we know Good is Good, and Evil is Good, unless a Lie is spoken.

Good people will always be Good, Evil people will always be Evil, according to the Word of God.

But God, get this is a stoner too, and had a sense of humor, so he fucked up Evil, cause he had backup, real good backup too, and he had them in check

But Trance God, after all this was done, was in a trance again, he danced hard, Dance God joined, and The Scene forgot, cause The Scene was high, cause the scene is new now, you understand the hacking scene? The Dance Scene? There is one scene that reigns supreme, The Scene, and he realized there was a god of the scene, it was him, so in the scene he presented:

A dance album in mp3

My favorite trance song as of now: Falling

Incomplete song, best copy I could find

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