I’ve decided to remix entire movies

Add music, animation, maybe 3d effects. ive sourced a good source for high quality 4k movies, just need to save up money to buy the films and the music, the animation is done by myself (could use some help! send resumes to jon@unidef.org!) i’m doing it all for free too.. bandwidth and hosting graciously provided by wordpress.com, video hosting graciously provided by jetpack.com

(click the red links above to goto a referral launch pad, if you buy the services i get a 30% commission (i’ll get some of the money from the transaction, you can trust wordpress and jetpack), meaning i can buy the hardware and media for the movie remixes quicker, if you want to watch free movies remixed to my taste for free movie consumption)

Note: no actual currency was exchanged during this exchange =( be sure to keep clicking ads!

Oh, for the #orsonwells hashtag, Citizen Kane was immortal. His death was a suicide.

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