Fighting loneliess by visiting local churches and temples

Song should be complete, theres an incomplete song but I like it none the less

If you’re lonely and dont have many friends, I suggest you check out an organized religion. They’re weird people, but make good friends. They’re centered in one thought that you can figure out, and this is just for stuff like hanging out, getting drinks, going to parties, stuff like that

Show up at a christian church or hindu temple, and you’ll learn family values, and that applies to any church of any denomination, including buddhist and hebrew. just make sure you:

1. mind your values, alot of people believe yahweh strings yarn and throws footballs at vishnu during halftime
2. dont be an asshole, wait until you make the friends first, then run your mouth
3. be clean, dont get your fucking germs on people, make little close contact, shows class
4. dont be a pedophile, a whoremonger, a zealot, and when exerting opinions remember other people have feelings
5. if possible, bring your parents. alot of cults and shadow organizations operate in churches, specifically asian churches
6. be careful, african christian/catholic and churches in low income neighborhoods have little police presence, and you could get mugged or robbed or raped or even murdered if you talk to the wrong person with the wrong intent in mind
7. and try your best, be tolerant of peoples views. dont run around being an asshole please, these people might help you spiritually, medically, financially, etc through their clergy and staff and supporters
8. expect nothing, and be charitable, if you dont have it, you dont have it
9. when you bring your kids there for the first few months, be sure to keep them close to you just incase
10. wear clean clothes

if its a bad temple/church/place of worship, just stay clear, dont try to get sucked in

failing that, just stay home, thats what i do. better yet, call them directly and talk to them, who needs to goto a gangly ass fucking nightclub full of diseases or a concert unless its really classy

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