#Picture my #Mom took of my #Elected #Officials #jerryMcnerney and #MarkDesaulnier just #Hanging #out at a #middle #school #park #talking #about #politics and doing stuff like #talking

This is a real picture of me with two congressman at a middle school park

I met jerry a grand total of three times, each time i was impressed. Mark, once, they’re both local congressman in contra costa county, great guys.

Jerry, helped me passed marijuana legalization. Mark’s the gully, we use him to teach the young kids in contra costa stuff, stuff like gourmet food and raspberry pi’s for less fortunate. not alot of money, but the quality of life improves. kind of like socialism, but not, backed by us currency.

Second time we took this photo, third time I saw someone hand an envolope full of cash to jerry mcnerney, and he just looked like shit, i felt like he was a bum, the room felt deplorable, i knew for a fact i wouldnt be a congressman or a poltician on that day, no offense jerry and mark’s staff.

Position and power may be good, but nothing like some stranger handing you cash and expect him to follow your word precise, and if you fail, you just look like a dumbass

well, those are my two cents


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