A #Bill I’m #working on for #Congress

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It is through the course of events we find ourselves facing the neccistiaies of things being stated in this preamble to have high access to technology, may it be as simple as a broadband internet connection or as advanced as a 8K TV hooked up to a Mac system with a webcam


The IRS must recieve written authorization from government parties involved in appropriations, for financial transparency and purposes of 

The bare minimum for connectivity in this modern day, 2019, is a hard wired internet connection to prevent eavesdropping, and protect personal and private security.

Computer’s should be purchased, and failing that we need to start a government body dealing with providing new and or recycled computers to low income families, perhaps a government body dealing with technical support in case of dire situations (familiar trouble, financial trouble, excess emergency related situations)


I suggest all intelligence agencies sit down and talk this thouroughly; IE which segments of government technology should be kept at privvy and what segments should be kept confidential.


To control what people see in mediums such as TV Webcams and Video Phone, there should be an international body dealing with international citizens, initially, until a video and audio API or even system is developed with internationallity put forward using technology we can all agree on, to only compute graphic images that need not be seen unless prohibited asked. The message will vary from person to person, however, we can all stand undivided on the topics we do not want to be bombarded with during the intial stages of widespread video chat

1. Nudity

2. Graphic Violence

3. Obscenity

4. Frantic behavior

5. Psychologically dictative behavior

1-5a. Psychologically disruptive behavior

Until an Artifical Intelligence system is designed, and put into fruitation successfully, That We Can Trust, we will have to rely on an international force possibly dictated by UN for censorship rules, failing that, which is an outcome, it needs to be monitored by a close friend or family member, and failing that, we may have unfettered uncensored video calls, atleast initially.


All images sent through various mediums are belonging to their respected party members, aside from various enacted copyright laws, initially this program will be unfettered aside from SECTION 3, if enacted


Grants should be issued to provide individuals, companies, and government with financial support during the ordeal, along with government funding through local, federal, and state programs


I still need to write in a bunch of stuff, its basically a test program to make sure we dont offend other countries with our american stuff, ie flashing over video phone. there will be a free internet/computer section, among other things i’ll add in after i go get high for a while

I supplied the government with goods for a while, they should take my money and reinvest it in The People for Their Welfare

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