Chronic Marijuana Use – Sometimes the world is a happy place

Today I realized alot of the world is pretty happy, even though we dont enjoy our lives, alot of us decided to place us in the place we are throughout time with exceptions, which leads me to this: Marijuana use

Marijuana makes things pass by quicker, I use it to for free time management, and certain types of marijuana actually makes you smarter (well, more creative but you can apply that to learning), i have a first step towards people with notations of smoking marijuana daily: Eating buds and leaves. Be sure to take out stems so you dont choke or scratch your throat, and remove large seeds out for resale.

You can probably buy marijuana on the street, but the best place to start is a college. Enroll, take a few classes, get to know students, and talk about where to score weed. Don’t act like an idiot, failing that you can grow your own, bars are a good low profile spot, dont try to walk into a low income area, theyre are shady characters that will prehensively act, try to goto a bar in a well established area, being careful of police, for a bag of weed. bring cash. exact notes are 20’s and 100’s, 20$ for a small, 1 week supply of leaves you can seperate from buds to nibble on to a hundred sack which you can smoke (dont eat large quantities or smoke before you’re 100% sure youre ready, 100%, friends optional if you feel 100%)

starting marijuana can be difficult but fun, dont want to give you too much to start on, but try doing stuff you normally do, if you watch alot of tv, watch alot of tv, if you smoke cigarettes, smoke cigarettes, if you like worrying, you’ll be worrying while high, etc

in extreme cases, and if marijuana is illegal in your area, check out a hospital, not with stupid shit like “im hungry and im bored” but “im so high i cant move without getting harmed”, in that case try to keep a phone close to you for 911

enjoy! try to buy a sack on monday, bring 20$!


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