#A #Fun #Hobby: #Collecting #Plant #Seeds GARDENING

There are plenty of rare, exotic plant seeds on ebay and on the internet, and most plants can be planted and maintained by using simple (and this is for most ornamental and food plants)

  1. Miracle Gro
  2. Tap water
  3. Sunlight
  4. Optional Reading on the Subject

The Wonder of Plants

As a rule of thumb, take ONE seed (one seed = one plant, regardless of how small the seed is), place seed in pot, and use enough soil to cover up the seed. Try to water the plant lightly, making sure not to lose the seed in the soil, alternatively you can use grow plugs like Roto Rooters, which I recommend because it keeps the seed in a hole and doesnt disturb it as much as the normal, seed and pot method, and Roto Rooters are made from excellent material that encourages rooting (which are the basic building blocks of plants), but place seed in soil and water lightly, think spray bottle so the seed can get water, until a stem (commonly known as a meristem i think) sprouts. now is the critical part, youve created life, now be careful with it. Make sure not to disturb the plant, and if you absolutely need to water the plant, use a spray bottle and be careful not to spray too hard and kill your new plant. When its about 5 inches tall, you can water normally, but be careful with plants that have a weak root system, because the plant can topsize and the roots will tear and the plant will decease to live if you water too hard. Within 8 months to 10 years you’ll have a good plant!

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