#Taoist #Story – #The #God #Fish #and #the #Fisherman

A long time ago, there was a mysterious lake, where God fish would swim. One day, a fisherman in distain found it, and decided to fish.

The God fish was ten thousand li long, and five thousand feet wide, it looked like a Dragon Fish, but was completely gold.

After years of desperation, the other fisherman bullied the fisherman in this story, until he met the Waterhole of The God Fish.

The fisherman fished for 2 long days with no sleep, suffering pain and contempt, until he reeled in a God fish, he spent 25 hours pulling it in, he was exhausted!

The fish was beautiful, it didnt speak for it had died from not breathing, but it showed the fisherman amazing strength.

No one in his town wanted to buy such an odd fish, so he took it home, cooked it and ate it. For 70 years he grew old, and full of pain and anguish. Every day was worse then the second, and he would feel anguish all day, until the fisherman died in complete dark pain, misreable.

He walked up to heaven, and saw the God Fish. The fisherman asked “Why did you torture me all those years?”

And the God fish said: “That’s just what I do”.


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