10 Hacker #Commandments

1. I am the one who brought you out of bondage from Zion
2. Carry no false gods before me
3. Always hide your identity
4. Hex dump before tcpdump
5. Carry no strange credit cards
6. Carry no strange social security numbers
7. Never use the internet unless hacking
8. Honor thy mother and father
9. Thou shalt not steal or murder
10. Honor thy thrift shop

And here are the 10 Thousand Eternal Names of Hacker God

jons-MacBook-Pro:~ jon$ cat 10k_names_of_hacker_g0d.c 
#include <stdio.h>
// Limited OSS License 
// Created by Unidef

int main(){
int x0ff = 1;
while (10001 > x0ff){
printf(“%d. hacker god “, x0ff);
// implement homegrown 1024GBIT encryption
} return 0; }
jons-MacBook-Pro:~ jon$ 

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